Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams

Although some eye problems may get worse with age, children are also susceptible to a number of vision problems or other eye health issues. A children’s eye exam could help detect these issues early on and get your child care before those problems get worse. As a kid’s optometrist in Spring House and Glenside, we offer comprehensive children’s eye care to examine, diagnose, and treat your child’s eye health needs.

Signs To Take Your Child to A Children’s Optometrist

Unlike adults, children may not be able to verbalize what they are experiencing and could have an eye health issue or vision problem without your knowledge. Because some of these conditions can be progressive as well as negatively impact your child’s life, it is important to visit a children’s eye doctor regularly.  Especially if you believe your child may be struggling, you should make an appointment for a pediatric eye exam as soon as possible.

Some signs your child may need to go to a kid’s optometrist include:

  • Squinting or blinking frequently
  • Tilting or turning their head often
  • Irregular eye movements
  • Leaning in too close to see something
  • Bad hand-eye coordination
  • No patience for activities requiring up-close attention
  • Covering one eye to see better
  • Rubbing their eyes often
  • Frequent headaches

All these behaviors could be a sign of a vision or eye health problem in your child, so it is important to take your child for a kid’s eye exam to try to determine the cause as well as possible solutions. Waiting to see a kid’s optometrist could result in permanent or more serious damage depending on the condition.

Our Comprehensive Pediatric Eye Exams

When you come to our eye care center in Glenside or Spring House with your child, one of our doctors will perform a comprehensive pediatric eye examination to get a full idea of your child’s eye health as well as diagnosis any abnormalities. These pediatric eye exams look at vision impairment and eye defects as well as your child’s risk of developing eye health problems later in life.

Unlike the vision tests for kids that are done at school or with their pediatrician, these exams are far more in-depth. They are not only used to diagnose a multitude of eye health issues but also to determine the next best step to help your child if an issue is found. A children’s eye exam at school or with their pediatrician may only look for potential vision problems and will likely direct you to a kid’s optometrist if an issue is suspected.

Because children have different levels of communication and comprehension, our pediatric eye exams are tailored to your child’s age and needs. The tests may be slightly different than a comprehensive eye exam with an adult to ensure that we are able to understand if there is a problem whether or not your child can tell us themselves.

If one of our doctors does discover something unusual or problematic, we will explain the problem as well as determine the next best course of action. If your child needs glasses, we will determine the prescription and help you pick out a pair that is more kid-proof. If your child has other eye health problems, we will work with you to outline a treatment or preventative care plan.

Many parents neglect to take their child to an eye doctor for kids until a problem is already apparent but waiting could make the issue worse and negatively impact your child in various ways. Instead, be proactive and get your child’s eye checked regularly. An earlier diagnosis could also decrease the risk of harm.  Stop waiting; contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam in Spring House or Glenside.